This holiday season is all about giving back and community spirit!
Do one good deed a day and Grow Your Heart 3 Sizes!

Day # 25

I grew my heart 3 sizes!

Day # 24

Leave a kind note for someone you care about.

Day # 23

Read to someone.

Day # 22

Do something nice for someone in your family without being asked.

Day # 21

Pick up litter you may see on the sidewalk.

Day # 20

Spend time with someone in need of a friend.

Day # 19

Give everyone in your family a hug.

Day # 18

Volunteer at a local charity.

Day # 17

Make a holiday card for your local bookseller.

Day # 16

Say something nice to someone.

Day # 15

Make someone laugh!

Day # 14

Hold the door open for someone.

Day # 13

Offer to do the dishes after dinner.

Day # 12

Bake cookies for a neighbor.

Day # 11

Call or spend time with your grandparents.

Day # 10

Tell everyone in your family that you love them.

Day # 09

Make a card for someone in the hospital.

Day # 08

Collect canned goods to donate to the local food bank.

Day # 07

Ask an elderly neighbor if you can help them.

Day # 06

Donate clothes you no longer wear to charity.

Day # 05

Help make dinner.

Day # 04

Write a thank-you note to someone who has done something nice for you lately.

Day # 03

Make sure you say please and thank you-always!

Day # 02

Call an old friend who you haven't seen in a while.

Day # 01

Donate clothes, toys, or books you no longer use to charity.