This holiday season is all about giving back and community spirit!
Do one good deed a day and Grow Your Heart 3 Sizes!

Day # 25

Donate a copy of your favorite Dr. Seuss book to a child in need.

Day # 24

Share your snack with a classmate who forgot their own.

Day # 23

Donate toys or food to a local animal shelter.

Day # 22

Hold the door open for someone.

Day # 21

Help your teacher clean up the classroom.

Day # 20

Make cards for children in a hospital or for soldiers overseas.

Day # 19

Bake dog biscuits or cat treats for a neighbor who has pets.

Day # 18

Help fold the laundry.

Day # 17

Serve your parents or caregivers breakfast in bed.

Day # 16

Be kind! Ask someone how their day is going.

Day # 15

Invite a neighbor over for dinner.

Day # 14

Make someone laugh.

Day # 13

Pick up litter off the sidewalk.

Day # 12

Collect canned goods to donate to local food bank.

Day # 11

Call or spend time with a relative you don't see often.

Day # 10

Volunteer in your community.

Day # 09

Make a yummy treat for someone you care about.

Day # 08

Donate toys you no longer play with.

Day # 07

Help set the table or clean up after dinner.

Day # 06

Smile at two people today.

Day # 05

Clean up your room.

Day # 04

Donate clothing you no longer wear.

Day # 03

Help put away the groceries.

Day # 02

Include someone who has been left out.

Day # 01

Cook a meal with your family and bring it to someone in need.