A Clothing Swap for That Thneed You No Longer Need

Here’s an idea for all the Once-ler’s customers who later realized that their Thneeds were no longer a Fine-Something-that-All-People-Need: Host a clothing swap!

It’s a great way for families to keep growing kids clothed at no cost and be kind to the environment at the same time.

What you’ll need:

  • a large house with space for the swap and a separate space for a supervised kids’ area
  • invitations (10–20 or invite how many your space allows)
  • snacks and drinks (or make it pot luck)
  • a pair of teens or parents to serve as babysitters
  • activities for the kids’ area (plan a viewing of The Lorax movie and a read-aloud of Dr. Seuss favorites)
  • tables, boxes, or hangers and racks for sorting and displaying clothing
  • a charity selected in advance that will take any unclaimed clothes


Invite participants at least a month in advance to give them plenty of time to clean out their closets.

Include instructions in your invitation about what to bring: freshly washed kids’ clothes in good condition in all sizes and for both genders. Let everyone know to which local charity you plan to donate any unclaimed clothes.

On the day of the swap, label tables or big boxes with sizes or type of clothing to help your guests quickly organize the clothes they bring. Have paper and pen handy to make any additional labels as needed.

As they arrive, encourage guests to organize the clothes they brought. Plan for at least a half an hour of getting organized. Once all the clothes are sorted, let the swapping begin!

While parents are sorting and swapping, let kids have their own fun. Arrange for parents who aren’t swapping or a couple of teen babysitters to supervise the kids in a separate area.

Be sure to let kids know that by others reusing clothes they’ve outgrown, they are helping to protect the planet by keeping clothes out of landfills and saving the resources and energy needed to make new clothes. Read The Lorax aloud and/or watch the film and help kids make connections to the clothing swap.

When parents are finished making their choices, have everyone help box up remaining clothes for donation. Then relax and let everyone enjoy time together with friends!