The Lorax Project

Discuss The Lorax Project

  • What was the land of the Lorax like before the Once-ler arrived? Did it seem like someplace you’d like to live? What parts of your own environment would you be sad to see go?
  • What kind of person is the Once-ler? Why won’t he listen to the Lorax? The Lorax says to the Once-ler, “You are crazy with greed.” Why does the Lorax say that? Do you agree or disagree?
  • Why does the Lorax speak for the trees? Why is it important to speak up for others? Have you ever spoken up for someone else? Has someone else ever spoken up for you?
  • How does the Once-ler’s Thneed business hurt the land of the Lorax? What happens to the Swomee-swans, the Brown Bar-ba-loots, and the Humming-fish? How could things have been different if the Once-ler listened to the Lorax?
  • What do you think the boy hearing the story will do with the Truffula seed that the Once-ler tosses to him? What would you do if you were the boy?
  • Do you think the Lorax and his friends will come back if new Truffula Trees grow? Where do you think they have been?
  • The Once-ler says, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” What does the Once-ler mean? Can one person make a difference? Can you? What are some things
  • How does the Once-ler feel about what his Thneed business did to the Lorax and friends?
  • Dr. Seuss used bright colors on some pages of the book and dull colors on others. Did you notice this? Why do you think he did that?
  • Why is The Lorax called a cautionary tale?