Art With Heart

Thumbprint art is fun for the whole family! Spread love to others with crafts featuring heart thumbprint art.

What you’ll need:

  • construction paper or cardstock
  • stamp pad or washable paint, various colors
  • damp cloth for wiping thumbs
  • any decorative items kids would like to use to make a bookmark, card, or piece of art—ribbons, beads, markers, etc.


To make a thumbprint heart, dip the right thumb in the paint or ink then press it at a slight angle to the left onto paper. Dip the left thumb in the paint or ink and press it on the paper to the right of the first thumbprint at a slight angle to the right. Wipe thumbs clean between pressings and changing paint colors.

Have kids practice the technique while you talk together to plan ways they can share their thumbprint hearts, such as:

  • decorating a bookmark with thumbprint hearts for someone who loves to read
  • creating cards filled with thumbprint hearts to mail to faraway friends and family
  • making a work of art featuring thumbprints from everyone in the family to brighten the living room