Cat Toys with Sole

Let kids take on this no-sew, no-glue project that turns their socks without mates into fanciful cat toys.

What you’ll need:

  • small child-size ankle socks or crew socks
  • polyester fiberfill or cotton stuffing
  • scissors or pinking shears
  • dried catnip (optional)


If using ankle socks, cut off the heel of the sock so that only the foot and toe section of the sock remain. Then make four 2-inch cuts into the foot section to create four flaps. Crew socks don’t need any cutting.

Put a tablespoon of dried catnip in the toe of the sock if desired. If you are making cat toys for an animal shelter, make sure they accept toys with catnip.

Next stuff the sock with stuffing, packing it to the bottom of your cut flaps, or the base of the crew sock leg.

On the ankle sock, tie two of the flaps opposite each other into a tight knot. Then tie the other two flaps into a knot on top of your first knot. On the crew sock, tie an overhand knot—like tying a balloon—at the ankle.

Try to fashion knots to form flashy fins or braid flaps into tails to make your toys something your cat will really fancy!