Kid Curator

An art curator creates art collections, researches and writes about art, and finds the best places to display art.

Help your young artists become curators, and get them to organize a showing of their own artwork!

What you’ll need:

  • artwork
  • large construction paper
  • labels
  • tape
  • a designated place to display art


When a curator organizes an art show, they choose the art that will be displayed and decide where to hang or place each piece. Help your kid curator understand how they can display their art to its best advantage and create an experience for others to learn from and enjoy.

  • Decide on a location for the art show. Do you have an entire blank wall that can handle lots of tape? A hallway or stairwell? Or find a space outdoors—on a fence or in an emptied shed or playhouse.
  • Once you have a designated place, have your child gather all the art they are interested in displaying. Lay it out on the floor so your kid curator can have a good look, keeping in mind that the size of your designated gallery space determines how many pieces can be exhibited.
  • To help your child focus, suggest choosing a theme for the art show. A theme—animal art, art for nature lovers, comic art, art inspired by other art, friends and family, things that move, creative crayon drawings, watercolor wonders—will help kid curators narrow down their selections!
  • Help your child identify anchor pieces. These are usually the largest or strongest pieces and are used to anchor other artworks.
  • When artworks are selected, your child can frame them by attaching them to large pieces of construction paper. On each frame, your child can include a label that has information, including the title of the artwork, what was used to create it, and when and why it was created.
  • Let your child hang the art—at their eye level.

Invite friends and family to a reception for the art show. Serve up some Canvas Cookies and Pink Ink Yink Drink, and have your kid curator provide a guided tour of the art gallery.