Lorax Leis

Flower garlands are part of celebrations in many cultures. Start an Earth Day tradition in your family of wearing or decorating with flower garlands that you make together.

  • Pick sturdy flowers with long stems. Dandelions, daisies, and marigolds work well.
  • Start with two flowers. Cross one stem over the other at the base of the bloom and use your left hand to hold them together where they cross.
  • Use your right hand to wrap the top stem around the back of the bottom stem and bring it through the middle of the two blooms.
  • Hold the wrapped stems together. Add another flower by placing it on top of the stems and to the left of the wrapped blooms. Repeat the same wrapping of each new stem as above.
  • Add lots of flowers for a long, festive garland. Hang up your flower chain or tie the ends together for a table centerpiece, a flower crown, or necklace.