Love to Laugh

Capitalize on the humorous moments! Help kids create a family joke book and keep your family laughing together!

What you’ll need:

  • blank scrap book or notebook
  • pencil, pen, markers
  • a sense of humor


Every family has funny stories and inside jokes. When you spend time together recalling these family antics, you promote laughter and sense of togetherness and belonging which brings everyone closer.

Encourage kids to capture these stories and jokes on paper. Provide them with a blank scrap book or notebook and ask them to write the funny family stories they remember. When you read what they’ve written together, suggest other stories, family witticisms, and favorite family wordplay that they can include. Also encourage kids to include their own favorite jokes—especially the ones they’ve shared many times with family.

Kids can illustrate the book and keep adding to it as hilarity continues to ensue in your household.

Plan to periodically read the book together as a family. Hearing family stories helps remind kids of their family history and helps them to see how family narratives can continue to grow and develop in new, positive, interesting, and even funny ways.