Make a Kite

Thing 1 and Thing 2 really like to fly kites! Your kids will like flying kites too, especially this lightweight kite they can make and decorate themselves.

What you’ll need:

  • plastic straws and wooden bamboo skewers
  • lightweight plastic bag
  • transparent tape
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • permanent markers
  • stickers, feathers and other items for decorating (optional)
  • tissue paper and glue (optional)
  • 50-75 feet heavy thread or kite string


This kite is fast and fun; so don’t worry about precise measurements. The size of the kite will depend on the length of the straws. Take two straws and insert skewers inside each. Tape the ends of the straws closed.

Cut open a plastic bag and lay it flat. On top of the bag, lay the straws in a “t” shape.

Tape the “t” to the bag, pulling the plastic taut as your child places the tape. Place tape near the ends of the straws and halfway between the ends and where the straws cross.

Use the ruler and marker to draw a diamond shape around the “t.” Cut out the diamond shape using scissors.

Take the scraps left from the plastic bag and cut a long streamer to create a tail for the kite. Tie the tail to the straw near the bottom of the kite. Secure in place with tape if needed.

Kids who want to decorate their kite should do so before adding the flying string.  Use permanent markers to draw on the plastic or glues tissue paper shapes to the kite.  Feathers, ribbon or stickers are also fun decorations.

When finished decorating, poke a small hole in the plastic where the straws cross. Insert thread or string around the cross and back through the plastic. Tie securely.

Go fly a kite—outside! This kite works best in a gentle breeze or mild wind.

Kids can also experiment with other materials for making kites! Try newspaper, tissue paper or an old poster instead of a plastic bag.