Mapping the Places You’ll Go

In Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, we see what happens when a young upstart sets off into the world. Celebrate your child, the journeys taken and those yet to come. Use maps and suitcases to decorate your home for a graduation party or to start everyday conversations about places to go and things to do!

  • Remind the readers in your family of all the places books can take you. An open suitcase on the floor makes a great book bin and invites exploring the world through books!
  • Create a display in an old open suitcase with items that showcase your child and his or her accomplishments. If you’ve saved baby shoes, art projects, sports trophies, sheet music, certificates, ribbons, report cards and the like, arrange and hang them in the suitcase. Make this tribute to your child a centerpiece at their graduation party.
  • Map your child’s past and plan for the future! Hang local, regional, national or world maps and use different colored pins with notes to show your child’s favorite haunts, special vacations, planned trips and previous and future residences. Have other note cards and pins available for friends and family to mark their spots (and to invite your child to visit).