One Fish Two Fish Treats

Whether it’s for a beach party treat or just to tide them over until dinner, kids will have a whale of a good time making and eating these maritime munchies!

What You’ll Need:

  • sliced bread
  • peanut butter, cream cheese or chocolate spread
  • sliced strawberries or thin apple slices
  • grapes and blueberries


Start with washing and slicing fruits. You’ll need 3 to 4 strawberries for a strawberry fish. An apple fish uses about a quarter of an apple.

Cut a slice of bread into two triangles. Then make one of the triangles smaller by trimming off a half-inch of the longest side. Cover both triangles with the spread of your choice and arrange them on a plate. To form a fish, bump the right angle of the smaller triangle up against the hypotenuse of the larger triangle.

Layer strawberry or apple slices over most of the larger triangle and part of the smaller triangle to create fish scales. Leave the 45° angles uncovered. Those are the fins!

Finish fish by adding a small sliced grape or blueberry for an eye. Serve with “shark teeth”—favorite white cheese cut into triangles—and some blueberry lemonade.

Provide other fruits or vegetables and “sea” what other kinds of fanciful fish kids can create!