Palette Plate

Does your child think broccoli looks like little trees? Or that mashed potatoes resemble sand dunes?

Food activates imagination with its colors and shapes! Provide a palette of colorful fruits or vegetables and give your child the green light to play with their food and create edible art.

What you’ll need:

  • cut fruits and vegetables
  • empty plate
  • fork and spoon


Explain to your child that a palette is a board on which an artist holds and mixes their paints. Then provide them with a “palette” of their own—one filled with fruits and veggies—and encourage them to use the food to create a work of art on their empty plate.

Let them know they can experiment with techniques—mashing blueberries to create a sky or water, smooshing kiwis to make grass, etc.—as long as they are willing to eat their artwork.

Take photographs of their creations before having kids dig in!