Pet Rock

If your child really wants a pet but can’t have one because of allergies or other reasons, let him or her use his or her imagination to turn an ordinary rock into a unique pet.

What you’ll need:

  • a smooth, clean rock
  • acrylic paints and paintbrush (or paint sponge)
  • small embellishments, such as googly eyes, yarn, felt, ribbons, beads, buttons, pom-poms, or small found natural objects like seeds, pebbles, shells, and twigs
  • craft glue


Head outside with your child to find a smooth rock. Look for one that is rounded or oval and easily fits in your child’s hand (but not in anyone’s mouth). Once your child has found a rock he or she is happy with, wash it and let it dry thoroughly.

Once the rock is dry, your child can paint it. It may take several coats of paint to completely cover the rock. While the paint is drying, talk with your child about how he or she wants his or her pet to look. How many eyes does it have? Does it have a beak or tail? Is it striped or polka-dotted? Your child may want to paint these details on the rock, or you can gather any trimmings he or she needs to complete his or her creation.

When the paint is completely dry, help your child glue any additions onto the rock. While waiting for the glue to dry, ask your child what he or she plans to name his or her pet and where he or she is going to keep it. Talk about what kinds of adventures your child hopes to have with his or her new pet!