Serve Up Something New Tray

Serve up something new on this serving tray made from an old picture frame that features kids’ artwork.

What you’ll need:

  • large metal, wood, or plastic picture frame
  • mounting board and backing cardboard that fits into your frame
  • something to make tray handles: drawer or cabinet handles with screws, ribbon, rope, etc.
  • tools as needed: drill and screwdriver for attaching handles, hammer and small nails for attaching rope, hot glue gun for securing ribbon, etc.
  • sandpaper and paint (optional)
  • artwork, photos, fabric, or other items to enclose in the frame


Remove the glass from the picture frame. If your child wants to paint the frame, sand it lightly or otherwise prepare it for painting.

While the frame is drying, have kids create art for inside the frame or choose a favorite piece of artwork or photographs. Arrange and secure the artwork to the mounting board. If your frame needs a backing piece, cut one to size using a piece of sturdy cardboard.

Depending on the type of frame, you can drill holes and screw in handles on the sides of the frame or nail short lengths of rope to the sides of the frame. Once your handles are attached, replace the glass and insert the artwork into the frame. Secure the backing cardboard into the frame with the metal tabs or other hardware that is part of the frame.

If you don’t want to use tools to add handles to the serving tray, tie the ends of a long piece of ribbon together to form a circle large enough to create two handles of ribbon on either side of the frame. Lay the ribbon circle on a table and place the empty frame front side down on top of it. Insert the glass and artwork into the frame under the ribbon. Secure the backing cardboard into the frame over the ribbon with the metal tabs or other hardware that is part of the frame.