Things to Hug

Kids can give and get hugs from these sock dolls of Thing One and Thing Two.

What you’ll need:

  • socks, knee-high or crew length and stretchy
  • yarn
  • permanent markers or fabric markers
  • doll hair (optional)
  • needle and thread
  • polyester fiberfill stuffing
  • scissors


Though making doll bodies for Thing One and Thing Two doesn’t require any sewing, kids will need adult help with shaping and tying body parts.

Have kids chose a yarn color that matches the color of their sock and cut six lengths, approximately 8 inches long.

To make the doll’s feet, lay the sock on a flat surface with the heel of the sock facing down. Have kids shape some stuffing into a one-inch ball and push it into the left side of the toe of the sock. They should grab the ball of stuffing from the outside of the sock and wrap a piece of the yarn they cut earlier around the base of the ball to form a foot. Help kids wrap the yarn and tie knots to secure. Repeat on the right side of the toe of the sock.

Forming hands is next. Kids should make them the same way they made the feet, securing balls of stuffing on the left and right just below the heel of the sock. Once hands are securely tied with yarn, kids should add stuffing to the sock for the body, filling it just above the hands. Tie the body closed just above the arms to form the neck. Then kids should add more stuffing to form the head. Tie a piece of yarn on top of the head to close.

There should be extra sock above the head. This can be folded over the head to form a hat or cut into thin strips to create hair. To add the very distinctive hair of Thing One and Thing Two, help kids sew some blue doll hair onto the dolls’ heads. Or add loopy locks by cutting off the excess sock and tying lots of blue yarn to the top of the dolls’ heads.

Provide kids with markers to draw faces and then let the hugging begin!