Up and Away! Hot Air Balloons

he balloons that soar to high heights in Oh, the Places You’ll Go are uniquely engineered and Dr. Seuss’s fanciful illustrations will have kids clamoring to try their hands at designing their own hot air balloon. This is a fun party craft idea or makes for adorable decorations for a graduation send-off.

What you’ll need:

  • balloons (helium-filled if possible)
  • items to make baskets (foil or paper baking cups, small cardboard cartons, paper cups)
  • yarn, ribbon or string
  • straws (optional)
  • small toys or action figures to ride in the balloon (optional)
  • tape, scissors, hole punch


In designing a balloon that can carry weight, such as a small toy, give your child plenty of opportunities to experiment. The trick will be to figure out the best shape for the basket and how to balance it so that the “rider” doesn’t fall out!

If you need to lend a hand or offer design advice, consider:

  • Making a net of ribbon or yarn that holds the balloon and attaches to the basket
  • Attaching four lengths of ribbon to each corner of the basket and tying them to the balloon’s knot
  • Taping four straws, evenly spaced around the neck of the balloon, onto the inflated balloon and to the basket

Include a tether in the design so the helium balloon (and any riders) doesn’t float away when you launch outdoors.

If your child wants to “ride” in the balloon, take a photograph, cut it out and secure it in the basket. Include a sibling’s or a pet’s photo to ride along!