For the Love of Games

Playing board games with kids boosts their language and communication skills, teaches them about fair play and sportsmanship, and improves decision making and concentration. Best of all, playing board games is fun and gives families opportunities for easy-to-do shared activities. There’s even more fun to be had when your family works together to design yourread more

Seussational Party Games

Take a page right from favorite Dr. Seuss titles when planning party games or fun with family and friends. Look to The Cat in the Hat, Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose and Horton Hears a Who! for some delightful diversions beyond the books! Musical Hats Bring a little millenary madness to your party! You’ll need a groupread more

Love to Play—with words!

Make some everyday family fun playing Dr. Seuss-inspired word games! Big A, little a. What begins with A? Add word fun to routine household chores like packing lunches or making meals with Dr. Seuss’s ABC. As you work together, have kids choose ingredients based on the words you say that begin with the same letterread more

Play with Words

Using rhymes, riddles, wordplay and nonsense words can help to build and strengthen kids’ reading skills and boost reading and learning fun!   Tune your child’s ear to word patterns and word sound by frequently sharing nursery rhymes, songs, and the poetry of Dr. Seuss. The ability to pick out sounds that rhyme and soundsread more

How to Host a Lorax Project Student Earth Day Event

With the goal of educating children early on about doing their part to protect the environment, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the National Education Association, and Random House Children’s Books are proud to bring you the Lorax Project Student Earth Day. This annual event encourages educators and students to celebrate the Lorax’s message and act on theirread more

The Dr. Seuss Shop

Whether you need the Grinch for your ugly sweater party, bulletin board trim for your classroom, or party supplies for your child’s first birthday, we’ve got you covered. The Dr. Seuss Shop has everything from apparel and games to entertainment and party supplies!read more

Seuss Field Day

Plan a day of outdoor sports with activities and games straight out of Dr. Seuss’s books. Start with readings from The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and The King’s Stilts and then get active with Dr. Seuss! Play Up-up-up and let kids try the Cat in the Hat’s balancing act. Collect some of theread more

Sneetch Beach Party Potluck

How to make new friends and understanding that being different from one another is okay is a valuable life skill. The Sneetches is a wonderful yarn that stresses the importance of accepting people’s differences and an ideal launching point for talking with kids about diversity and tolerance.  Put your words into action when you host a Sneetchread more

Dr. Seuss Simulator game on Roblox!

Dr. Seuss Simulator features a variety of mini-games that players must complete to gather in-game currency for hatching and collecting virtual pets, which are inspired by popular Dr. Seuss characters such as Horton, The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Yertle the Turtle, and more. Activities include obstacle challenges like tight ropes,read more