Spooky Seuss Storytime

Make a storytime special with spooky snacks and reading by flashlight or candlelight of Spooky Things and other spooky Dr. Seuss stories.

Spook up your reading corner:

  • Make creepy critters! That lover of green eggs Sam-I-am has some marvelous ideas for turning empty egg cartons into spiders, bats, and more for crafty fun that will add some creepy atmosphere to your Spooky Seuss Storytime.
  • Spin a web of excitement! Start by tying the end of a ball of white yarn to a table or chair leg. Then have kids take turns pulling the yarn over furniture, wrapping the yarn around, and then passing the yarn ball to someone else.

Plan your spooky snacks:

  • Make something special for your Spooky Seuss Storytime! Check out this Popcorn Party recipe for tasty topping suggestions and make more popcorn to create ghostly Boo Things Treats.
  • Mix up a batch of Bat Beverages or some Pink Ink Yink Drink and serve in a spooky cup.

Pick out your spooky stories:

  • You can find Dr. Seuss’s spookiest story “What Was I Scared Of?” in The Sneetches and Other Stories (look for the special glow-in the-dark edition—excellent for reading by flashlight)! Make this Spooky Seuss Storytime even more memorable by dramatizing this slightly shivery tale. Enlist family or friends to enact the roles of the narrator and pale green pants while you read aloud. Have one actor wear all black and wave around a pair of green pants so they magically “float” throughout the reading of the story.
  • It can be scary when things get out of control! Especially if you’ve got a sinister Glunk that won’t leave. Find out what happens in the “The Glunk That Got Thunk” from I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories. Watch out for a scary (or messy) result of sharing this story: kids may head to the kitchen and try out the recipe for making Glunk Stew!
  • Focus on fun, not fright with Dr. Seuss’s Spooky Things. Kids will giggle rather than gasp at the antics of Thing One and Thing Two and then be ready to do some dressing up of their own.

Get into the Spooky Seuss Storytime spirit:

  • Make some Halloween Hats.
  • Have the Dress Up Box handy for kids who want to really get into character to dramatize the read aloud.
  • Select some spooky music to create atmosphere and enhance your spooky read-aloud. Or create a spooky Storytime Soundscape by adding special sound effects that build suspense.

Darken the room, grab your flashlight, and gather your readers!